Credit card debt & bailiffs - BBC 3 Counties Radio 22/8/18

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Credit card debt & bailiffs - BBC 3 Counties Radio 22/8/18

PostPosted: August 30th, 2018, 11:59 am
by Debtwizard
I spoke to Jonathan Vernon-Smith about the recently released report by the Citizens Advice on the rise in household debt and the use of Enforcement Officers (Bailiffs) to collect debts such as council tax.

I then explain why we need bailiffs to collect debts but how they should be accountable for their actions and then speak about how many consumers and households pay credit card debts in preference to council tax and other priority debts.

How to listen

Now on the BBC i Player until 20th September 2018. The actual topic starts at 1:36:33 but for Mike's slot mover the timer to 1:43:14 - 1:46:30 (3 mins 16 secs)

BBC Three Counties Radio with Johnathan Vernon-Smith Thursday 22/8/18

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