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LBC debt radio show 30/7/19 - free pod cast

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LBC debt radio show 30/7/19 - free pod cast

Postby Debtwizard » August 2nd, 2017, 8:36 pm

We now have the free podcast for the LBC Money Hour - debt phone-in show with Clive Bull.

These are just some of the topics - Consumer insolvency numbers for second quarter 2017, credit cards debts, debt consolidation, o% credit card balance transfers, StepChange debt charity, debt management plans (DMPs), debt relief orders (DROs), consumer bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs), debt collection companies, old and statute barred debts, county court judgements (CCJs), default notices, credit unions, secured loans & claiming payment protection insurance PPI.

You can listen listen to the show on the link (to the DebtWizard website) below, we have added a timeline and topics to make it easy to find the section on the show that interests you.

Money Hour LBC Sunday 30 July 2017
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